Bulk Products (Loam)Loam

KOR Supplies loam screened or raw. Screened loam is used for the base material under sod and in flower beds. Raw loam is mainly used as a landscape fill and is not screened and contains roots, rock etc.

Bulk Products (Compost & Garden Mix)Compost & Garden Mix

Compost and garden mix has a wide use from flower beds to the base under new sod. KOR offers many different types for all your planting needs.

Bulk Products (Sand & Gravel)Sand & Gravel

KOR offers many different types of sand and gravel. We can supply anything you may require from the sidewalk base material, to eye catching decorative gravel and stone. More products are available than what is on our site, so please contact us for further details.

Bulk Products (Mulch & Woodchips)Mulch & Woodchips

KOR can supply you mulch and woodchips to landscape your beds, trees, plants and shrubs in an environmentally responsible way. Mulch and woodchips provide a better use to your soil than decorative rock.


We Also Provide Landscaping Services

We Also Provide Landscaping Services

In addition to our providing of landscaping products, we also provide landscape construction and maintenance services.