Sand & Gravel

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Road Gravel

Road Gravel is also known as 3/4" crush. Its primary function is as a road base. Other applications are as a base under sidewalks and garage pads. Road gravel is also excellent for the base of concrete, retaining walls and concrete blocks.

Sizes Available

  • 20mm - 3/4"

Pea Gravel

Also referred to as Pea Rock or 3/8" rock. Pea Gravel is fractured but can still function as ornamental stone, dog run gravel or drainage behind retaining walls.

Sizes Available

  • 12mm

Screened Rock

Screened Rock is mainly used as a landscape construction base, this product can also be used as ornamental stone. Screened rock will still have fines but with a good wash or rain. Cleans up very nice.

Sizes Available

  • 30mm-1.0"
  • 1.5"-2.0"
  • 2.0"-6.0"
  • 6.0"-12.0"
  • 12.0"-18.0"

Rundle Rock

Rundle Rock is grey in colour and offered in sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm. It is called Rundle Rock because it was first found at the base of Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

Sizes Available

  • 50mm-1.5"


Lime Stone is a decorative rock that is grey that has a beautiful blue tint. It is used along sidewalks or in flowerbeds. Limestone can also be used in many more applications.

Sizes Available

  • 30mm-1.0"
  • 50mm-2.0"

Shale Red

Popular choice for landscaping (3/4''). Deep red colour. Is a porous rock therefore is susceptible to breakdown when walked or driven on.

Sizes Available

  • 30mm-1.0"
  • 50mm-2.0"

Play Sand

Play Sand is excellent for levelling paving stones or as a children's play sand.

Sizes Available

  • 3mm

Bedding Sand

Bedding Sand is also known as fill sand. It is used for packing underground pipe and filling holes. It is utility sand which can be used for many generic purposes.

Sizes Available

  • 5mm


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