Landscape Lighting

At KOR Irrigation and Landscape, we only sell and install the very best name in landscape lighting:

Landscape lighting is the creation of a lighting effect, not the display of lighting fixtures. Lighting can have many purposes ranging from aesthetics to safety and security.

The illumination of gardens, trees, shrubbery and ground cover extends the beauty of nature into the nighttime and enhances your environment property. Entrances, pathways, buildings, patios, and recreational areas should be included in the landscape lighting scheme for safety, security and to allow the use of these spaces at night.

Relax in the Peace and Tranquility of Your Garden

Enjoy your garden as darkness falls, with a professionally-designed and installed garden lighting system. Trees, shrubs, paths, patios, decks, water features or any other interesting area can be illuminated to create a perfect setting for you to relax in the peace and tranquility of your garden.

Unseen trees come alive, bathed in soft wedges of uplight, highlighting the texture and foliage pattern; dark ground cover becomes distinct; pathways are illuminated by muted pools of light; property boundaries become well-defined secured borders in which your family can interact peacefully with nature.

Lighting adds to a landscape, creating dramatic focal points when a light focuses on a plant or water feature. Lights also add safety when pathways are lit for nighttime use. Lighting experts think of design and safety when they work with lighting.


Lights on steps, walks, driveways create safer pathways. People feel more comfortable in lighted areas.

Lights eliminate dark spots, deter prowlers and vandals. Providing the highest possible degree of security.


Dramatic nighttime lighting gives grounds for the luxurious estate look. Increasing the livability and marketability of your property.

Enjoy Your Garden as Darkness Falls

Enjoy Your Garden As Darkness Falls