Landscape Maintenance (Residential)

Spring Clean-Up

KOR will transform your dormant yard after a long cold Winter and help it green up! We have different packages available for you. We most commonly aerate, power-rake, cut the lawn, trim all edges and a apply a Spring fertilizer. If you want the greenest lawn on the block this Spring, call KOR Irrigation and Landscape to schedule your Spring clean-up.

KOR gives your yard a basic Spring clean-up with this service. We not only go over your lawn with a machine that removes thatch allowing your lawn to breath better, but we also give it a final hand raking leaving it fresh and clean looking. We aerate your entire lawn with a machine that actually pulls plugs of grass and soil out of your lawn. This will allow your lawn to absorb and retain water better reducing the amount of times you will have to water your lawn. We also blow out your flower beds decks and any other areas of your yard that may have build up areas of Fall and Winter debris. We top off a Spring clean-up with a spring fertilizer application.

Lawn Fertilizer Program

Lawns require more than just water to stay healthy and green looking. KOR uses a fertilizer that also takes control of weeds and pests. Our fertilizer applications will leave your lawn healthy and green looking all Spring and Summer and help your lawn stay healthy during the Winter.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

KOR will cut and trim your lawn weekly (typically the same day each week). We will bag all the cuttings and will haul the bags away with us. We also blow all the cuttings from driveways and walkways.

Fall Clean-Up

This service includes the raking up of leaves and debris, cutting down perennials and removing annuals from your garden. KOR removes all debris and clippings.

We'll Do the Work So You Can Enjoy Life More

We'll Do the Work So You Can Enjoy Life More